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FriskyLemur's Website For Wondrous Fantasial Dildo Designs!

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    DISCLAIMER: Please note that this website is still under construction. All of the programming is done by one person (me, FriskyLemur) and my programming skills are not exactly industry level. Be patient with me while I wrangle with the code and try to get it to work! Thank you.

    Welcome to Frisky Lemur's library of dildos! Here you will find my portfolio of models, both ranging from personal and available for commercial sale. Each one will be noted with its own description and whether or not it has sold. If you haven't already, you can follow me over on my Twitter to follow my shenanigans. Twitter Account

    WARNING: I am not on Twitter as often unless I am pushing sales to my largest potential audience. Most of the news will be posted there until I can figure out how to properly program for the time being.

    This is a website dedicated to hosting my 3D sculpt listings for indie dildo shops. The community is always looking out for more goods, and I want to throw my hat into the ring for the things I want to see more of. If that's up your alley, consider bookmarking this page to come back to for new models up for sale!


    I am a professional artist who is a part-time dildo sculptor. My favorite foods are shrimp pho, chimichurri steak, and grilled chicken sandwiches. You'll most likely find me secluded in a corner while working on personal and professional projects. I have been learning how to draw and create over the past 14 years of my life, and don't see myself stopping any time soon.

    I will be making a directory on my models, which ones are for sale, and which ones have sold. In addition, I may set up a 2D 18+ art gallery for anyone to view who wishes to see my work beyond dildo sculpting.

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